Suntastic Solar Solutions


Who We Are

We pride ourselves in providing only the best quality solar installations for our customers in Kenya. We have helped homeowners and business owners across Kenya harness solar energy and save big on electricity bills. Our customers have experienced up to 70% reduction in their electricity bills after solar system installations.

Our affordable solar power solutions currently provides homeowners, schools, businesses and government institutions in Kenya with a reliable green power source. Suntastic Solar delivers a complete and professional service experience to our clients.


Our mission at Suntastic Solar is to change the way Kenya is powered. Renewable energy from the sun shows us the bright future of sustainable living.

We work hard to empower individuals and communities by paving the way towards energy independence with solar power.


Our vision is to Empower Kenya and creating a Sustainable Future through Solar Energy.

To provide the most compelling value in the solar energy industry. Value, as defined by our customers, means designing and installing the highest quality solar energy systems, on time, safely, with high customer satisfaction, at a low cost.

How We Deliver

We have helped hundreds of homeowners & businesses to adopt solar power in Kenya, thus protecting our customers from rising electricity costs as well as the environment from polluting power sources. At Suntastic Solar, we are committed to providing guaranteed, top quality, sustainable Solar PV solutions designed to meet our client’s unique electricity consumption requirements in Kenya.
Our in-house team of qualified engineers deliver full turnkey solutions - including engineering design, procurement, construction, monitoring and after-sales management.