Suntastics Hybrid solar system is a unique product that gives you a perfect combination of a grid-tie system and an off-grid system. Specially design for the rural and semi-urban areas in Kenya, where power is not continuously available and that’s why the grid-tie system is not that much profitable.

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Hybrid solar systems combines the best from On-Grid and Off-Grid solar systems. These systems can either be described as Off-Grid solar with utility backup power, or On-Grid solar with extra battery storage.

Due to the decreasing cost of battery storage, systems that are already connected to the electricity grid can start taking advantage of battery storage as well. This means being able to store solar energy that is generated during the day and using it at night.

When the stored energy is depleted, the grid is there as a backup, allowing consumers to have the best of both worlds. Hybrid systems are also able to charge the batteries using cheap off-peak electricity.


Industrial Works
Petrol Pumps
Educational Institutions


1. High quality & highly reliable PV modules
2. Higher Power O/P of systems.
3.The high Power rating of Best quality MUST Hybrid inverter.
4.Controlled charging & discharging to prolong battery life.
5.Can work with and without battery.
6.Can export excess energy to the grid
7.Can run heavy loads like AC, Water pump, lift, etc


-Modular scalable and net meter ready
-Maximises the energy harvest
-Work seamlessly in synchronization with battery inverter
-Maintenance free
-Reduces installation cost
-Cuts down number of batteries.